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Download App Swap - The Smart Drawer Premium v0.8.3.386 APK Full

App Swap - The Smart Drawer Premium v0.8.3.386
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Your favorites apps one swipe away, open instantly.App Swap is a drawer which allow you to easily launch your applications. It works with your existing launcher (Google Now, Nova, Yahoo Aviate, Everything Me, Action Launcher,...).

There are two ways to launch it, from your home screen or with a swipe up from your navigation bar. And swipe up gesture can be done from any app. Swipe from the bottom edge for device without navigation bar (Samsung).

★ androidpolice App-Swap a popular app drawer replacement :
★ xda-developers App Swap Puts All of Your Apps Just One Swipe Away :
★ andro4all Con App Swap tienes acceso a todas tus aplicaciones de una manera más rápida
★ App Swap: tutte le app installate a portata di swipe :

✓ Smart ordering
✓ Categorize by official Google Play Store categories
✓ Tags you app, edit name and icons
✓ Search for apps, search with apps
✓ Arrange your apps
✓ Filter by primary color
✓ Instant access up to 8 app with QuickSwipe
✓ For developer, force quit[1], show package names
✓ Open app in floating window (require Xposed XHaloFloatingWindow module)
✓ Configure your theme, dark or one of the material design color (require premium)
✓ Hide any app (require premium)
✓ Contextual menu with app info, link to the store and uninstall (require premium)
✓ Icon Pack ready (require premium)

[1] The app must be installed with ADB and not in foreground


Fix too much system app showing up as hidden

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Download E-Robot PRO v1.36.1 by Tamás Barta APK Full

E-Robot PRO v1.36.1 by Tamás Barta
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: This is an automation application which makes it possible for your device to execute commands automatically. When you create a command you can specify which actions to execute when a given event occurs.Description 

This is an automation application which makes it possible for your device to execute commands automatically. When you create a command you can specify which actions to execute when a given event occurs. 

The application is an alternative to other similar applications to automate tasks, handle profiles, etc.: Tasker, AutomateIt, Llama, Locale, Profiles, ...

The application allows you to specify more than 130 event types and execute more than 80 action types; furthermore, all event and action types can be parameterized, making the app even more versatile, and its functionality may be expanded in the future.

E-Robot can handle events which are location-based, time-triggered, application-handled, and more.

- More than 130 parameterized event types (location-based, application-based, scheduling, ...)
- More than 80 parameterized action types
- Conditions can be used for both events and actions
- Variables and expressions
- Positioning is based on cells, geo coordinates or wi-fi networks
- Command execution can be event-triggered or manually using shortcuts
- Manual confirmation can be set for command execution
- Efficient operation, there is a Performance screen to check it
- Full backup and restore possibility
- History and Debug of command execution
- 3rd party support: Elixir 2 profile activation, Locale action plugins, Ipack icons

The wi-fi-based location detection is a perfect usage of the new "Scanning always available" feature of Android 4.4 even if wi-fi is disabled.

This free version contains ads but there is a Pro Key which hide ads and removes this restriction.

Languages: english, magyar, polski

What's New
- New actions: Take photo; Hide screen filter
- New expressions: Match text; Second; Millisecond; Timestamp to milliseconds; Last known location; Proximity sensor value
- Incoming call event: "number" parameter accepts wildcard characters
- Screen filter action: new "disable input" parameter
- New feature: asynchronous expressions are supported
- Shortcuts: open E-Robot screens

Release Info:
Pro features unlocked

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Download Birthdays v16.0 APK Full

Birthdays v16.0
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Lists all contacts with birthdays so you do not have to search anymore. Easily import friends from Facebook! Widgets to always be up to date whose birthday is next. Status bar notification to never forget about birthdays again.Description

Full Version Bonus Features:
Black theme supported on Android 4 devices
100% Advertisement free
What does it do?
Lists all contacts with birthdays so you do not have to search anymore.
You get several widgets in various sizes to always be up to date whose birthday is next.
Be notified in the status bar to never forget about birthdays again. In case you do not have time right now, easily add a reminder to to contact your friends later in the day.
The app dials for you to call or send messages as well as eMails using customized message templates to make it easy for you to greet the way you want.
We support the Hebrew, Islamic, Buddhist (Thai), Coptic and Ethiopic calendar systems. And you can choose the calendar systems for the whole application as well as for singleevents separately.

What's New
According to Facebook downloading data will continue to work until April 30, 2015. This version still contains the Facebook access part.
Added backup for all contacts to various vCard formats.
Added json based format containing all data as vCard is incomplete.
Added import for json format.
In-app contacts can be added.
Material design specification applied.
Starting with this version the minium supported Android version is 4.0.3.

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Download DJI Ultimate Flight w/GS v1.74 Patched APK Full

DJI Ultimate Flight w/GS v1.74 Patched
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: DJI Ultimate Flight is the next experience in flight control for the DJI Phantom Vision, Phantom Vision+ and soon, the DJI Inspire 1.•Video and camera controls on par with Vision App and more. Camera parameters available and changes can be saved as new default or the current flight only.

•Auto video start/stop – recording start/stop with the Phantom motors.

•Live video

•Screen modes: Split screen, video/map, Full video, Full map

•Map with the location of the Phantom, home point, available in satellite, terrain or hybrid views (setting)

•Map auto-orients during flight

•Flight safety – the app includes pre-flight safety checks:

•Flight battery limit uses smart battery information to calculate and display a “circle” that can be used as an indicator for the turn-around point for flight.

•Cached maps will be usable for both free-flight as well as waypoint flight missions.

•Phantom latitude and longitude displayed

•Active voice feedback system includes configurable settings to report flight status and Phantom health information at regularly defined intervals.

•Phantoms that have had camera and gimbal replacements using the DJI Zenmuse H3-3D, 3-Axis Gimbal with GoPro camera will be supported in a screen-efficient manner. Since this configuration does not allow for certain camera operations to be performed the screen controls for camera will be removed resulting a more efficient display without the additional controls unneeded for this configuration.

•Variable speed gimbal control.

•Onscreen information displays: altitude, distance and speed

•Phantom status: flight timer, satellite count, Wi-Fi strength and batter levels of the Phantom and Wi-Fi extender will be available on screen

•On screen camera orientation display

•Phantom bearing and bearing indicator towards home with easy-point allowing the pilot to rotate the Phantom until Phantom bearing aligns to home point indicator and fly towards home.

•Ground Station flight mission

•Waypoint missions can be designed at a comfortable location for the pilot and saved on the device. Once on location the mission can be loaded and flown. Waypoint missions are saved using a comma-delimited format and can be edited using the app or the users favorite text editor

•Waypoint editor will extend the ability to individually control speed, altitude and stay-time for each waypoint individually.

•Waypoint editor will include an easy-copy mode, enabling the user to setup one waypoint, edit the settings based on the flying location and to use those settings as a temporary default for new waypoints in the same mission. In effect this creates a temporary override of configured waypoint defaults

Mission limits are enabled by default that match DJI Vision Ground Station but will be configurable by the user.

•Waypoint flight protection will inform the user of issues identified in a waypoint mission.

•Waypoint missions can be started from the ground, with motors on or off or after take-off while in the air based on the user’s preference.

•Return to home button

•Waypoint mission summary will be displayed to the user prior to waypoint flight. The user will be able to review the following and choose to cancel or fly the mission

•Miscellaneous features:

•2 types of flight logs: (1) Flight summary, this one-line log will include summaryinformation per the flight (e.g. min/max satellite, starting and ending location, battery min/max, etc.) (2) Flight tracking log will include detailed flight information as the Phantom flies as reported by the DJI SDK. This details log can be used to review the flight offline at a larger time.

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